About Us

A Proven and Trusted Source of Prospect Intelligence Data

ProPlus uses advanced analytics and research methodology to provide B2B companies a better way to analyse markets, and target prospects, to achieve remarkable results in their marketing and sales programs.

ProPlus offers the latest technology trends and account intelligence based on real-time data which helps the B2B market focus on the upcoming demand and target the best fit market. We analyse the requirement of marketing and sales team to direct the business in right direction through TAM-ICP data. By providing actionable insights vis barometric techniques Like adoption/de-adoption signals we help businesses focus on the desired market segment.

What We Do

Traditional fragmented approach with low conversion rates has been a continuous pain point for marketers. ProPlus with its deep domain expertise have built proprietary solution(s) that allows you to identify the fit accounts and helps to strategies your ABM/ABX and ABE campaigns  Traditional account data sets often fail to gain the relevant data signals to achieve today’s business requirements. ProPlus has framed and implemented strategies to build successful marketing campaigns.

1. ICP|TAM Predictor –

Market assessment and insight tool to accurately measure available and verified universe.

2. Behind The Firewall Techno graphics 

3. Adoption De-adoption Trends and Intent Signals 

4. Our 360° Solutions to Identify Potential Audience

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